Insider tells the story of misuse of political power, media influence and a grand jury to provide Public Money for Private Profit

Pressed by Molly Henderson

How are public authority white elephants promoted and built? How does the one percent of the one percent grab and keep tax revenues meant to benefit all? What happens when a newspaper should be the public watchdog is cut in for a share of the profits? What does it mean when a “scathing” grand jury report destroys reputations but results in no criminal prosecutions? What happens to a public servant who stand in the way of the boondoggle train?

Pressed: Public Money, Private Profit is a gripping inside story which answers those questions. Molly Henderson, a local elected official in Amish Country Lancaster County, discovered what happens to even a well-connected “insider” citizen who stands in the way of the elites. But Pressed is not a mere memoir or an expose’. It is a meticulously documented cautionary tale with under oath depositions of principals -to counterbalance the over 1,500 attack articles published by the local newspaper – a newspaper with rights to 50% of the hotel portion of the $200 million dollar “public-private” hotel and convention center.

Commissioner Henderson’s book is available on Amazon, in print or Kindle form. Volumes of additional documentation for Pressed can be found on the website “”